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COVID-19 Responce

IDF Response on COVID-19 Epidemic During & After the Lockdown

in 4 districts of BIHAR and 3 Districts of JHARKHAND 

IDF has came forward to fulfill the humanitarian imperative. After doing mapping and rapid need assessment into its intervention area, to reach most needy and effected people during the lockdown, the key actions taken by IDF were as per the followings;

  • Ensure food security to the most vulnerable families and famlies of reverce migrent with dry ration
  • Educate health service providers and community members about COVID-19 protocol and provided with hygiene and sanitary kit to them.
  • Provide micro grant to the jobless famlies for small business
  • Supported local administration in responding basic services during lockdown due to spread of C-19 virus.
  • Introduced "We Care Van" for referal services to pregnent and lactating mothers and young people 
  • Mass awareness program on the COVID-19 in the community

The objective is to provide humanitarian support to the most vulnerable families to minimize the impact caused due to the lockdown. 

Coverage: (in Community):  132 Villages of 7 Districts of IDF intervention area in Bihar & Jharkhand •

  • 4308:  Venerable Families provided with Dry-Rashan under COVID-19 Response
  • 2377:  Adolescents Girls with Hygiene kit and Sanitary Pad
  • 4193:  Children with Hygiene Kit, Nutritional food and educated abt safety norms of C-19 
  • 5400:  Pregnant women given services through tele-consoling and referral 
  • 250 :  Jobless Famlies with micro grant support for small business and livelihoods
  • 150:   Lactating Mother contacted to provide proper education and C-19 protocol issued by UN

Supported other Stakeholders in Responding COVID-19 in IDF Area:

598:   Teachers 

981:   PRI 

813:   Jal Saiya 

227:   ASHAs 

75:     ANMs

257:   AWW