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Adolescent Health and Development

Project Brief

Donor:           Engendered Health

Location:       Jamui District, Bihar.  

Outreach: The projects aim to reach 5 RKSK blocks of Jamui district of Bihar covering 491 villages. The project would cover nearly 30,000 adolescent girls and boys though the Peer Educator model, its strategic intervention would be 5 CHC at the block level, 24 APHC and 125 Health Sub Centre at the community level. The project would reach out to 1180 Peer Educators through 256 ASHA and 30 ANM. 

Project Brief: 

IDF undertook the project in collaboration with Department of Health, Bihar in partnership with Engendered Health to accelerate community level activities for generating awareness, strengthen health services to ensure optimum outreach, referral of cases through programmatic convergence. IDF under this project has provided mentors for Yuva Clinics in each block at PHC level along with mobilisers to strengthen and support RKSK program. 

The project through its activities aims to promote peer education model for systematic dissemination on adolescent health issues among the peer, strengthen facility level clinical and counselling services for adolescents in the target area, enhance physical and emotional resilience of adolescents through timely help and institutional referral and facilitate convergence and linkages with government schemes for adolescents.