Case Study

A community leader in genre and spirit signifying health improvements in village

Tara Kumari is an ICDS worker deployed at centre no. 88 in Taal Dasraha village of Dudhpura Panchayat in Samastipur district. The story tells about the commitment, motivation and unremitting efforts of a frontline functionary and reflects that how one person can make a difference in matters of improved health access to target audience.

Anganwadi Worker is the community based functionary who has pivotalrole in ICDS due to her close and continuous contact with the beneficiaries. Tara Kumari monitors the growth of children, organizes supplementary feeding, helps in organizing immunization sessions, distributes Vitamin A, Iron and Folic Acid supplements, treats minor ailments and refers cases to medical facilities. VHSND is an important monthly celebration/event at the Anganwadi center to improve access to maternal, new born, child health and Nutrition services at the village level.Since the delivery of  Immunisation, ante natal care, health and nutrition services largely depend upon these frontline workers, their capability enhancement on maternal and child health, regular interaction with target audience to diminish dropout rate are required. Tara Devi received several trainings under the aegis of HDFC PARIVARTAN. She participated different orientations aimed at Reproductive, Maternal, Neo Natal & Child Health.

Training enriched her learning and knowledge to deliver services efficiently. Mrs. Tara motivate conceived mother for regular check-up while first, second and third trimester to monitor weight gain, blood pressure and hormonal & morphological changes for the wellbeing of upcoming child.  Along-with that she also inform new mother, the various technique such as how to maintain adequate body temperature, importance of colostrum in development of immunity of child, intake of liquid & semi- solid diet according to need, importance of periodic immunization and it’s type etc. to take care of new born baby to maintain healthy lifestyle for baby.  In village Taldasraha, Mrs. Tara also spread awareness to diminish taboos behind use of different contraceptive methods such as use of Condoms, Contraceptive Pills, and Copper- T etc. She also share the importance of birth spacing for proper upbringing of child.

It was because of her,Primary medical care facility improved comparatively for pregnant women, lactating mother, adolescent girls and children. At her center, all registered Pregnant and lactating mothers receive cent per cent immunisation and ante natal check-ups.Tara Kumari motivate their villagers for accessing preschool education and health related services. She consults pregnant women and post-natal women as per need, avail them all services provided by government. Mrs. Tara is working with great enthusiasm in her community. She promotes institutional delivery of pregnant women by taking them hospital in absence of ASHA or provides support if any required. Resource crunch never deters her from path of service and she is the emblem of staunch service to rural community.