Access to Justice for Children

Project :       Access to Justice for Children
Donor : 
      Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation of America
Location :   Muzaffarpur District, Bihar
Outreach : The project aims to cover the child abuse victims from all sixteen administrative blocks of Muzaffarpur district

Project Brief :
IDF has been working in collaboration with Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation of America and implementing the project to ensure access to justice for children and scalable model for prevention and eliminate on child trafficking and child abuse through awareness generation, mental health support among children, schools, PRI members, police and other stakeholders along with providing legal support to the victims and their families. Facilitating Prosecution of sexual offenders is the key element of project interventions and organisation extend counselling and legal support to the victims.

The project started in the last quarter of the year 2022 and the formal intimation was shared with district line departments to addressing the issues of child rights and protection and organized a district level meeting with the govt. officials of Child Protection Departments i.e. Fast Track Court No. 1, Court No. 2, JJ board, CWC, DCPU, DLSA, AHTU, Lab. Dept. etc. The legal team procured the details of POCSO cases and analyzed the data & knew the reason of its pendency. Through the home visit, field staff consults with the victims and their families for filling their cases for prosecution of the culprits.


85 cases were shortlisted for intervention, out of which 46 cases were intervened through Home Visits till date. In 15 cases, victims as well as witnesses are counselled so that they do not become hostile in later phase of trial. Final verdict was given by POCSO court in 15 cases of sexual offenses.