IDF has been supporting farmers for smart agricultural techniques and practices   and to increase the productivity, improve quality of produce with significant increase in income of farmers. It also support farmers to adopt smart water technologies and promote installation of micro irrigation, sitting of green house and drip irrigation system. Organization provides technical support to farmers in conservation agricultural technologies like zero tillage, crop rotations to facilitate boot agronomy and improved overall land husbandry.  

  • Promoting Organic farming through production and application of vermi-compost.  
  • Solar power group irrigation systems for clean and sustainable solutions that enable small hold farmers to build a more resilient food production systems. 
  • Sitting up of agriculture resource center to facilitate access of small farmers to information, implements and resource materials at the community level. 
  • Provide high yield verity of seeds for increase production and extend techno managerial support for Package of Practices (POP).
  • Horticulture/ Orchard development for sustain livelihood for famers having small land holding.
  • Encourage and facilitate Biofloc Method in Fish farming, an environment friendly aquaculture technique to enhance fish/shrimp farming output, boost quality and help fish farmers gain more in the process.