GROW Fund Support for Sustaining Organizational Development and Operations

Project :     GROW Fund Support for Sustaining Organizational Development and Operations
Donor :       
EdelGive Foundation
Location :  Patna, Bihar

Project Brief :
EdelGive Foundation under its Grassroots, Resilience, Ownership and Wellness (GROW) Fund selected and supported 100 NGOsacross India to build capacity of Grassroot NGOs and sustain operation in the subtle way. IDF has been provided support for two years starting April 2022 and the financial support would include critical costs and capacity building to recover from immediate challenges due to pandemic and cater for future readiness for long term institutional sustainability.

The Focus areas

  • Enriching Core team through deployment of different expertsat the organisation level for techno managerial support & organizational development
  • Capacity building of Personnel on documentation, Data management, HR &Organisational Development
  • Strengthening of evidence-based learning and decision making for efficient delivery of services
  • Broad basing knowledge, content and information management at the organizational level
  • Separate wing for media management and business development
  • Enriching organization corpus through consultancy and capacity building services

Expected Results with Support from GROW Funds-

  • Improved & strengthened organizational systems, mechanisms, policy and procedures for organizational effectiveness
  • Excellent Thematic expertise, professional enrichment and standard operationalization.
  • Reinforced evidence based learning and informed decision making through real time information
  • Increased organizational corpus to sustain interventions
  • Overall makeover of the organization and brand promotion