Case Study

A community leader in genre and spirit signifying health improvements in village

This is the story of Rubha Kamari, a health volunteer who propounded herself as community leader making her continuous strides for improved maternal, adolescents and child health in her community. This signifies her commitment and herculean efforts for improved health status in the community. The journey of this woman of substance started in January 2007 when she got associated as ASHA for Rampur Dudhpura village. The real motivation behind her association as a health volunteer/service provider was to work for the betterment of health of the community and this manifested in her different endeavours and improvements in different health indicators. She is catering to 341 Households in the village.

Her acumen was further sharpened through capacity building interventions for service providers organised under the aegis of IDF community Initiatives for sustainable development supported by HDFC Bank Parivartan. She received training on menstrual health & hygiene management, Ante Natal and post natal care, Nutrition, Immunisation, Nutrition for pregnant, lactating mothers, adolescents and children, Immunisation and Family Planning.

She has contributed amiably to maternal health by facilitating cent per cent delivery at the health facility thereby ensuring emergency obstetric care preventing maternal morbidity and mortality. This is an excellent example of her commitment towards increased utilisation of existing services. Immunisation rate of pregnant mother and children has also risen up in her area with complying the immunisation schedule. It has gone up to 100 per cent in case of pregnant women. Children also receive immunisation as per the schedule and it is because of her commitment and coordination with the local institutions that there is no left out during the routine immunisation as per due list. Her work for early detection of infectious diseases at the community level also adds her laurels. She detected 8 HIV infected persons in the village itself and connected them to ICTC for testing and treatment. All are undergoing Anti Retro viral Therapy. 4 Tuberculosis patients including two Multi Drug Resistant (MDR) cases have also been identified by her. These patients are getting treatment in government facility and recuperating fast.

Her jovial efforts as promoter of good health practices and catalyst for existing service utilisation have ensured access of community to information, counselling and Preventive, promotional &curative health services. Her dedicated efforts in facilitating antenatal care during pregnancy and skilled care at birth of child and preventing spread of infectious disease in the community are worth appreciable. This shows the pathway to health service providers, development practitioners and local health planners.