Income & Expenditure A/C
for the period ended as on 31st March 2013
EXPENDITURE Total Amount Rs. INCOME Total Amount Rs.
By Training/Capacity Building[1] 4416441.00 By Plan International ( INDIA ) 14285000.00
By Orientation 823927.00 By Lutheran World Relief 2350410.00
By Disaster Risk Reduction/Mitigation 232308.00 By Water aid India 2552000.00
By Need/Base Line Assessment/ Increase Food and Income Security 122199.00 By Oxfam India 2000000.00
By Direct Action With Community/Community Mobilization/ Cluster Level Coordination 5424308.00 By CEDPA 1405499.00
By Water and sanitation 1661543.00 By Project Concern International 4533000.00
By Awareness Building 7928579.00 By Geneva Global 1587162.00
By Solidarity Events 287336.00 By Dan Church Aid 808342.07
By Cluster Level Meeting /VLC Meeting 26472.00 By Community Moblization for CBDP 25000.00
By Project Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning ,Review Meeting 748841.50 By UNICEF ,Patna 921178.00
By Workshop/Seminar 810326.50 By CAF India 764000.00
By IEC/ Material Printing 600482.00 By Jharkhand Tribal Development Coorporation 331982.00
By Capital Input/Revolving fund/ 1685500.00 BY Global Sanitation Fund-M/S NR Management Consultants India Pvt Ltd 3176865.00
By Livelihood Promotion Initiatives 289785.00 By Donation 52000.00
By Implementation Support, Operational expenses and Administrative Cost 2798858.50 By Membership Fee 8000.00
By Exposure Visit 16875.00    
By Program Support 2172603.00 BY Photocopying 25544.00
By PERSONNEL / Honorarium and Remuneration 3486255.00 BY Misce. Receipts/Contribution 14417.50
By Salaries and Benefit 6559268.00 By Interest 461083.00
By Bank Charges 23991.00 By Balance Being Excess of Expenditure Over 6679607.04
By Staff Walfare /FRINGE BENEFITS (PF) 109467.00 Income ie Deficit C/O to Balance Sheet  
By LWR Project 58.61    
By XISS-Ranchi Balance amount Retd 1165377.00    
By Oxfam India-New Delhi Balance Amount Retd 86759.00    
By Depriciation 503529.50    
Total Rs. 41981089.61   41981089.61
Place: Patna In terms of annexed report of even date
Dated: 25th September 2013 for V. Jha & Co.
Chartered Accountants
Manoj Kumar Verma Niraj Kumar Sinha (Proprietor)
Director Treasurer M.No-72378
Integrated Development Foundation Integrated Development Foundation