Receipt and Payment
Integrated Development Foundation (IDF), Patna FY 2014-15
R e c e i p t s Total Amount             P a y m e n t s Total Amount            
To Opening Balance   By Training/Capacity Building 3543740
Cash in hand 32356.74 By Orientation 1103844
    By BLA/ Increase Food and Income Security 341306
Cash at Bank   By Direct Action With Community, Mob. CL Cord 533587
State Bank Of India Patna-IDF Main A/c 653565.34 By Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) 4277877
State Bank Of India patna-FCRA Account 3491394.55 By Emergency Food Security& Vuln Livlih (EFSVL) 199445
State Bank Of India Patna-CLP 9525 By Advocacy and Networking 24300
State Bank Of India Muzaffarpur-FCRA 7239 By Awareness Building 9424824
State Bank Of India Muzaffarpur-CLP 493 By Solidarity Events 207618
State Bank of India-Muzaffarpur 1597.18 By Cluster Level Meeting /VLC Meeting 47291
State Bank Of India Hazipur -FCRA 276688 By Project Monitoring, Evaluation Review Meeting 731097
State Bank Of India Chaibasa-FCRA 393510 By Workshop/Seminar 438897
State Bank Of India Palamu-FCRA 5423.34 By IEC/ Material Printing 663780
State Bank Of India CKP 4422 By Livelihood Promotion Initiatives 785596
State Bank Of India Ranchi 353643.4 By Flood Relief 3328
State Bank Of India Rajkharswan 2972 By Implementation Support, Opertn expenses Adm  2739648
Union Bank Of India 4417 By Exposure Visit 38904
Bank of Boroda,Patna 35353.5 By Program Support 1900481.5
Palamu Kshtriya Gramin Bank 2999 By PERSONNEL / Honorarium  and Remuneration  2765643
To Plan International ( INDIA ) 17177500 By Salaries and Benefit 8536828.07
To Lutheran World Relief 3256762.6 By Assets (Anexure-2) 247807
To Oxfam India 2200000 By Bank Charges 22793
To CEDPA 885397 By Payable 470801
To Geneva Global 3074940 By IDF FCRA  365099.48
To Dan Church Aid 1321763.61 By TDS 432466
To Corstone 3016050 By IDF-Head Office (Main Account) 14779
To UNICEF ,Patna 5283400 By Staff Walfare /FRINGE BENEFITS (PF) 208925.93
To CAF India 492365 By DCA Project 21394.73
To Global Sanitation Fund-NRMC India Pvt Ltd 4324661 By Pahal  Project 5795
To Membership Fee 9000 By PCI -New Delhi Balance Amount Retd 7497
To Jharkhand Tribal Development Society 50000 By Oxfam India-New Delhi Balance Amount Retd 320
To Photocopying  9423 By Loan & Advance 160854
To IDF Overhead - LWR Project 10000 By Closing Balance 7618522.42
To Sale of Old News Paper/Paper/old Battery/ 11240   Cash in hand 29530.74
To UNICEF  Project 14779   State Bank of India-IDF Main Account 866865.35
To Miscellanous Receipts/Income SBI-IDF Main Account 16540   State Bank of India-Patna (CLP) 9628
To DCA Project 172232.34   State Bank of India-Muzaffarpur (CLP)  512
To IPAS Project 21394.73   State Bank of India-IDF FCRA Account 5559815.26
To EPF Amount (FC+Non FC)  38976.5   State Bank of India-Hazipur FCRA Account 212374.5
To IDF- Plan Vaishali 9888   State Bank of India-Samastipur FCRA Account 13818.5
To IDF- Muzaffarpur 5795   State Bank of India-Chaibasa FCRA Account 300647
To Corestone -Youth first (TL) 178048.14   State Bank of India-Muzaffarpur FCRA Account 8025
To Donation 126470   State Bank of India-Muzaffarpur  1597.18
To Emerency Kit -Rakesh Mohan 2095   State Bank of India-CKP 4598
To Sale of Old Photocopying (By Back) 10000   State Bank of India-Ranchi 367693.4
To Sale of Old Motorcycle  10000   State Bank of India-Rajkharsawan 136878
To Sundry Deposits 140950.5   Union Bank of India- Silli Ranchi 4595
To Interest From Main Account 70119   Palamu Kshtriya Gramin Bank 3120
To Interest From FCRA 167600   Bank Of Boroda 98824.5
To Interest From Project Office 118453.66      
To Retd -Loan and Advance 383646      
Total Rs 47885089.13 Total Rs. 47885089.13
Place:  Patna In terms of annexed report of even date
Dated:  23rd September 2014 Chartered Accountants
for V. Jha & Co.
Manoj Kumar Verma Niraj Kumar Sinha V.K.Jha
Director Treasurer (Proprietor)
Integrated Development Foundation Integrated Development Foundation M.No-72378