Maurya Path, Shyam Nagar  Khajpura, PATNA - 800014
Receipts &  Payments  A/C      
R e c e i p t s     Total Amount                           Rs. P a y m e n t s     Total Amount            Rs.
To Opening Balance   Training/Capacity Building[1] 3215862.00
Cash in hand 47161.74 Orientation 390542.00
Cash at Bank   Disaster Risk Reduction/Mitigation 120057.00
State Bank Of India Patna-IDF Main A/c 358401.34 Need/Base Line Assessment/ Increase Food and Income Security 779915.00
State Bank Of India patna-FCRA Account 2136196.85 Direct Action With Community/Community Mobilization/ Cluster Level Coordination 9364440.22
State Bank Of India Patna-CLP 9184.00 Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) 1864507.00
State Bank Of India Muzaffarpur-FCRA 25433.00 Emergency Food Security and Vulnerable Livelihoods  385628.00
State Bank Of India Muzaffarpur-CLP 434.00 Awareness Building 10602962.00
State Bank of India-Muzaffarpur 1597.18 Solidarity Events 469875.00
State Bank Of India Hazipur -FCRA 146877.00 Project Monitoring, Evaluation and Review Meeting 382597.00
State Bank Of India Chaibasa-FCRA 6078.00 Workshop/Seminar 553378.00
State Bank Of India Daltonganj 3238.34 IEC/ Material Printing 300475.00
State Bank Of India Palamu-FCRA 50522.00 Livelihood Promotion Initiatives 1842502.00
State Bank Of India Samastipur-FCRA 51460.00 Implementation Support, Operational& Administrative Cost  3215884.00
State Bank Of India CKP 4251.00 Exposure Visit 23488.00
State Bank Of India Ranchi 339911.40 Program Support 2266895.00
State Bank Of India Rajkharswan 11899.00 By PERSONNEL / Honorarium  and Remuneration  2379560.00
Union Bank Of India 4245.00 Salaries and Benefit 7193835.00
Bank of Borada,Patna 252153.50 By Assets (Anexure-2) 338369.00
Palamu Kshtriya Gramin Bank 2882.00 By Bank Charges 34519.00
To Plan International ( INDIA ) 14655000.00 By Payable 2200309.00
To Lutheran World Relief 6508393.00 By IDF FCRA  107581.00
To Water aid India 71190.00 By TDS 351840.00
To Oxfam India 2000000.00 By IDF-Head Office (Main Account) 368103.00
To CEDPA 1377692.00 By Staff Walfare /FRINGE BENEFITS (PF) 275746.78
To Project Concern International 14624796.00 By IDF Non FCRA 8325.00
To Geneva Global 1477916.00 By NEEDS - Maternal and New Born Health Programme 368188.00
To Dan Church Aid 1555560.29 By GG Project 219598.63
To Corstone 2225172.00 By Plan CCCD-Project Vaishali 172232.34
To UNICEF ,Patna 158000.00 By GSF Project 3175.00
To CAF India 1589300.00 By CAF Project 155088.00
To Global Sanitation Fund-M/S NR Management Consultants India Pvt Ltd 3505389.00 By Unicef-WASH 14779.00
To Centre For Social Research (CRS) 65000.00 By UNICEF Balance amount Retd 19052.50
To Membership Fee 9000.00 By Oxfam India-New Delhi Balance Amount Retd 31643.59
To Jharkhand Tribal Development Project  110883.00 By Loan & Advance 458662.00
To Photocopying  5000.00 By Closing Balance 5275599.05
To IDF - Main Account 169867.50 Cash in hand 32356.74
To IDF - FCRA Account 181764.34 State Bank of India-IDF Main Account 653565.34
To IDF Overhead - LWR Project 10000.00 State Bank of India-Patna (CLP) 9525.00
To CAF-Addressing Kalazar , Health and Sanitation 257220.00 State Bank of India-Muzaffarpur (CLP)  493.00
To GSF Project 345164.00 State Bank of India-IDF FCRA Account 3491394.55
To Miscellanous Receipts 30000.00 State Bank of India-Hazipur FCRA Account 276688.00
To DCA Project 188526.63 State Bank of India-Chaibasa FCRA Account 393510.00
To IDF- Vaishali 31072.00 State Bank of India-Muzaffarpur FCRA Account 7239.00
To Jharkhand Tribal Development  Project 160883.00 State Bank of India-Muzaffarpur  1597.18
To LGBB Project 107581.00 State Bank of India-Daltonganj FCRA Account 5423.34
To IDF- Oxfam  10946.00 State Bank of India-CKP 4422.00
To Sale of Old News Paper 4785.00 State Bank of India-Ranchi 353643.40
To Sale of Old Battery 5300.00 State Bank of India-Rajkharsawan 2972.00
To Sale of Old Motorcycle 12500.00 Union Bank of India- Silli Ranchi 4417.00
To Sundry Deposits 222576.00 Palamu Kshtriya Gramin Bank 2999.00
To Interest From Main Account 31638.00 Bank Of Borada 35353.50
To Interest From FCRA 230153.00    
To Interest From Project Office 112772.00    
To Retd -Loan and Advance 252248.00    
Total Rs 55755213.11 Total Rs. 55755213.11
Place:  Patna In terms of annexed report of even date  
Dated:  23rd September 2014 for V. Jha & Co.
Chartered Accountants
Manoj Kumar Verma Niraj Kumar Sinha V.K.Jha
Director Treasurer (Proprietor)
Integrated Development Foundation Integrated Development Foundation M.No-72378