Receipts &  Payments  A/C
for the period ended as on 31st March  2016
R e c e i p t s Total Amount               P a y m e n t s Total Amount            
To Opening Balance     By Training/Capacity Building 5739711.27
Cash in hand 29530.74   By Orientation 885050.00
Cash at Bank     By Disaster Risk Reduction/Mitigation 2796716.00
State Bank Of India Patna-IDF Main A/c 866865.34   By Need/Base Line Assessment/ Increase Food and Income  342570.00
  5559815.26   By Direct Action in Community/ Mobilization/ Cluster Level Cord 5520255.00
State Bank Of India Patna-CLP 9628.00   By Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) 1476246.00
State Bank Of India Muzaffarpur-FCRA 8025.00   By Emergency Food Security and Vulnerable Livelihoods  76920.00
State Bank Of India Muzaffarpur-CLP 512.00   By Advocacy and Networking 94108.00
State Bank of India-Muzaffarpur 1597.18   By Awareness Building 3365398.00
State Bank Of India Hazipur -FCRA 212374.50   By Exposure Visit  139491.00
State Bank Of India Samastipur -FCRA 13818.50   By Solidarity Events 419576.00
State Bank Of India Chaibasa-FCRA 300647.00   By Promote open defecation free (ODF) communities 688262.00
State Bank Of India CKP 4598.00   By Project Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning, Review Meeting 754236.00
State Bank Of India Ranchi 367693.40   By Workshop/Seminar 214980.00
State Bank Of India Rajkharswan 136878.00   By Support awareness and demand creation interventions  1134141.00
Union Bank Of India 4595.00   By IEC/ Material Printing 532484.00
Bank of Borada,Patna 98824.50   By Livelihood Promotion Initiatives 1570402.00
Palamu Kshtriya Gramin Bank 3120.00   By Promote adoption of improved hygiene behaviour  511034.00
To Plan International ( INDIA ) 11336000.00   By Implementation Support, Operational and Admin Cost  2965053.46
To Lutheran World Relief 9021601.00   By Program Support 2151088.30
To Lutheran World Relief-DMEL Workshop  102202.00   By PERSONNEL / Honorarium  and Remuneration  2980670.00
To Oxfam India 1875000.00   By Salaries and Benefit 9965963.53
To Population Foundation Of India 1013327.00   By Assets (Anexure-2) 257090.00
To CEDPA 210618.00   By Bank Charges 11043.50
To Geneva Global 4745708.00   By Payable 375239.00
To IPAS Development Foundation (IDF) 342354.00   By IDF FCRA  52470.45
To Corstone 2420393.00   By TDS 462649.00
To UNICEF ,Patna 6562066.00   By Staff Walfare /FRINGE BENEFITS (PF)/Deties and taxes 246795.62
To CAF India 1506263.00   By Corstone-Girls First  189425.24
To Global Sanitation Fund-M/S NRMC Pvt Ltd  4626486.00   By MHH UNICEF 223568.00
To Corstone India Foundation 80735.00   By GSF Project 51185.00
To Caritas India 48779.00   By GG Project 1340.00
To Plan Vaishali -Old Project 9887.00   By Bihar Public Expenditure Tracking Survey PFI 22600.00
To Membership Fee 9000.00   By IDF Muzaffarpur 1343.00
To Photocopying  65946.00   By Oxfam India-New Delhi Balance Amount Retd 4490.00
To IDF Overhead - LWR Project 10000.00   By Loan & Advance 246060.00
To IPAS 40986.27   By Closing Balance 7206112.81
To Miscellaneous Receipts 64339.25   Cash in hand 18921.95
To Geneva Global Project 189425.24   State bank 858933.34
To Pahal Project 1343.00   State Bank of India-Patna (CLP) 9733.00
To SBI- Old Account Closed 8908.00   State Bank of India-Muzaffarpur (CLP)  533.00
To IDF- Main account (Head Office ) 218336.00   State Bank of India-IDF FCRA Account 5297244.05
TO BSDM 23700.00   State Bank of India-Hazipur FCRA Account 63738.50
To IDF-FCRA 78211.00   State Bank of India-Samastipur FCRA Account 14376.50
To IDF Muzaffarpur and IDF Hazipur  (TL) 13830.00   State Bank of India-Chaibasa FCRA Account 510204.00
To Donation 13973.00   State Bank of India-Muzaffarpur FCRA Account 17170.57
To TDS Receive From Income Tax Depart 351840.00   State Bank of India-CKP 4782.00
To Interest Recvd Against TDS Amt from IT  21110.00   State Bank of India-Ranchi 381823.40
To Sundry Deposits 514352.00   State Bank of India-Rajkharsawan 356.00
To Interest From Main Account 90221.00   ICICI Bank 20000.00
To Interest From FCRA 204899.00   Union Bank of India- Silli Ranchi 4776.00
To Interest From Project Office 94792.00   Palamu Kshtriya Gramin Bank 3243.00
To Retd -Loan and Advance 140614.00   Bank Of Borada 277.50
Total Rs 53675767.18   Total Rs. 53675767.18
Place:  Patna   In terms of annexed report of even date
Dated:  25th July 2016   for V. Jha & Co.
Chartered Accountants
Manoj Kumar Verma Niraj Kumar Sinha V.K.Jha
Director Treasurer  (Proprietor)
Integrated Development Foundation Integrated Development Foundation M.No-72378 
F.R.No. 003269C